Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Introduction !

I find it very awkward each and every time when people say, “You have me at an advantage there, you know my name but I don’t know yours…” or “Nice to meet you. I’m ____. What’s your name?” These sentences are the perfect although very clichéd mould to start a conversation with a new acquaintance or a stranger. They also lead straight right up to the doorsteps of “Self-introduction”.
If it’s already bad enough I find face-to-face introduction a horror, imagine trying to introduce yourself through the computer! I was thinking of skipping my introduction when I started this blog but then again, it was like a taboo not to have one. It has become a custom or a more like a tradition for a blogger to first introduce themselves when they start a blog. Apparently, it helps the readers to feel closer to the writer which also allows the readers to connect and understand the writer better.
So this is where I write my introduction. I don’t usually work very well with introduction essays especially those lengthy ones with the paragraphs that go on and on forever. Hence, I decided to skip the essay and do an interview instead!
Q: What a peculiar name you have!
A: Eibhlin, it’s Gaelic. Actually, there’s a story behind that one. When I was little people seemed to have many variations with my given name Evelyn. Somehow no one could twist their tongue around that name so I often get called in many different ways. I remembered when I was in pre-school, my friends would call me “Apple-lin” instead. There was also people who called me “Evil-lyn”, “Eve-linn”, “Ever-lyn”, Ewel-lin” just to name a few. Then around last year when I was surfing the net for Irish names to use for my debut novel, I came across the Gaelic variation of Evelyn. I checked out the pronunciation and guess what, it’s exactly the way I have been pronouncing my name all along! “Eve-linn” And ever since, I decided to spell my name that way. That’s how my strange came about.
Q: Which college do you go to?
A: Last year when I was touring the States, I went to a few universities like Yale, Howard, MIT to get a little idea on where I wanted to study when I grow up. Well, that’s where the question came from. “So where are you studying?” Let’s be clear about this, I’m fifteen. I’m only fifteen ! I might look tall for my age but seriously come on! Do I even look that old? Not to mention strangers, I get this from my own family friends who haven’t seen me in a long while. Another scenario where people get mixed up on my age: One day while I was browsing through some books in the bookstore, I was chatting with the store assistant while waiting for one of her colleagues to find the book I wanted. Guess, what she said? “You seem to know pretty much about books? Would you like to work here?” My reply : “Would love to, but I’m underage !” When I told that to my editor she had a laugh. She told me I sound old when I write too. Do I sound old? Or maybe I’m just an old soul in a young girl’s body! Beware, I might be a vampire !
Q: Are you even human?
A: Yes. I’m perfectly human. Even though, my hands might be ice cold all the time and I tend to walk without any sound most of the time, I’m still human. I might also be able to read some of my closest companion’s mind but I’m no Edward Cullen. Please be assured, I don’t have fangs and to be honest, I am a Hemaphobic. So I won’t be able to last long even if I was a vampire.
Q: What are you favorite movies?
Let’s see. I can’t seem to make up my mind. But probably this will confirm the fact : Today I just watched The Confession of a Shopaholic for the umpteenth time. I lost count on how many times I watched that movie and drool over Hugh Dancy. If you didn’t know this, know you will; I have a soft spot for British guys! Green eyes and that sexy lit each time they speak, I’ll melt. Also, I like The Proposal.
Q: Besides reading/ writing what else do you do during your free time?
A: I like arts. So when I’m not reading/writing, I will be at my arts table molding away some clay, plaster-of-Paris, eraser clay, painting some wooden trinket boxes, etc. I also enjoy looking up on the latest fashion trends so I will most probably on websites checking out cloths. No wonder I can connect so well to the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic.
Q: If you were a movie character, who will you be?
A: I wanted to say Bella so I’ll get to act beside Robert Pattinson but thinking of being depressed all the time chased the idea away. I am most like Eloise from Eloise at the Plaza as I may be really head-strong and it’s really hard to constraint me back when I want something. I am also a little like Rebecca Bloomwood (not sure if I spelled her name right!) from the Confessions of a Shopaholic. It seems that I have a take on everything in life and the crazy part which sometimes makes me regret is I am totally honest. I will tell that person if their outfits make them look like a clown. It’s like I’m a faerie. I can’t lie.
Guess, that’s enough to know about me for now. Will probably update on my introduction later on.

Eibhlin Lim :)

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