Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July's book review :)

Penitence by Jennifer Laurens

Book Title: Penitence
Author: Jennifer Laurens
Publisher: Grove Creek Publishing
Pages: 311
Release date: 25 June 2010
Source: Author/ Publisher


In this second book of the YA trilogy, Zoe faces more perils and complications. After saving her from a car accident in the previous book Heavenly, Matthias, Zoe’s guardian angel disappears from her life. Zoe, at a loss of the absence of Matthias soothing presence, believes that the appearance of Albert, Matthias’s father is to replace his son’s place. However what she doesn’t know is, Albert is after her soul. To complicate the situation, Zoe feels the weight of her brother’s worsening drug addiction, the frustration her family feels towards caring for her autistic little sister , and her best friend’s jealousy, bearing down on her shoulders. Will Matthias return to save her soul from his vengeful and sadistic father? 

My thoughts on the book

It would be very unfair to compare Penitence to another book or story because this story is just awesome by itself. Penitence has a voice of its own and its difference from the other books out there in the same genre is the strongest point in this book. I believe many of us sympathize with Zoe’s pending situation in the story while some of us can even relate to it in our some part of our lives. It is a very touching story, moving, a simply poignant page turner. I have to admit that this story left me wishing that I too, had a hot and sexy guardian angel looking over me to keep me safe.

Ratings : 5 Stars

Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I hope that you enjoyed reading this review on Penitence by Jennifer Laurens.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flowers do Talk with Amy Brecount White

I have never met a person who loves flowers or gardening like Amy Brecount White. I can't possibly imagine sweating in the hot Malaysian weather gardening. But I know i love flowers especially red tulips !

Here's my interview with Amy Brecount white! Enjoy!

1. What inspired you to write a book on “Magic Flowers” ? How did the amazing concept to write on flowers begin?

I found a book on tussie-mussies (Victorian symbolic bouquets) and wanted to write a newspaper article about them. I never did, but I made a bouquet for a friend who had cancer. I wished my flowers messages could come true for her and started thinking, what if they really did?

2. I understand that different flowers signify different meanings. Do you have a favorite one? Why?
I adore gardenias, because they are simple, lovely and smell so wonderful. They mean "ecstasy and transport" in the language of flowers.

3. If you could be a flower which one would you be? Why?

Maybe a petunia because they bloom all summer long. Purple petunias are usually fragrant too! :-)

4. You visited the BEA in New York a few weeks back. How was it? Can you give us a little sneak peak on what goes on behind the scenes in the Author/Book World for those of us who live thousand miles away and unfortunately couldn’t make it for the event?
It was very exciting!!! I got to meet and hang out with lots of fun authors and bloggers, whom I'd met only online. And at the booths, they are passing out free books almost everywhere you turn. Pretty cool. Plus you get to visit NYC. I love the museums and restaurants especially.

5. Did you always want to be an author? If no, can you please share with us on how you realized that you wanted to be one?

I knew I wanted to be one when I was about 19 years old. However, I taught and wrote articles for many years before getting enough courage to write a novel. It's a leap of faith.

6. Is there going to be another book which will pick up from Forget-Her-Nots?

I'm hoping that my editors will be interested in a companion novel. My second novel, STRING THEORIES, has nothing to do with flowers, though.

7. Are we going to get a chance to read any of your latest projects soon? A new book perhaps?
I hope so!! My agent is doing a final review now.

8. Do you have a favorite book/author/movie that somehow inspired you to write Forget-Her-Nots?
I love Jane Austen, Kristin Cashore, and everything about gardens. I spent lots of time in gardens and reading novels that I admired.

9. When you write, what gets you in the writing mode? A comfy chair, a specific music, food?
Absolute silence. I need to be able to hear my characters talk. And some Earl Grey tea with milk. :-)

10. If you could be a character in a book, which character would you be and why ? Hermione Granger. She's so intelligent and a wonderful friend. Anne of Green Gables would be great fun, too.

11. Is the main character for Forget-her-nots somehow a reflection of you/a person you know?

I think all my characters have a part of me in them. Authors have to be able to imagine what it's like to be almost anyone.

Thank you Amy for the interview! To my readers, i hope you enjoyed reading the interview and learning more about the amazing author Amy Brecount White and her writing as much as i did doing it! :)