Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fall for the Fallen

Lauren Kate the author of the bestselling Fallen series is currently on a worldwide tour promoting her latest book Passion. She will be arriving in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia tomorrow and will be having book signings at these dates and venues:

Tuesday, 12th July 2011

Kinokuniya bookstore, KLCC at 3.00-4.00 p.m

Popular bookstore, Ikano Power Centre (IPC) at 6.00-7.00p.m

Wednesday, 13th July 2011

MPH bookstore, Mid Valley at 10.30-11.30 a.m

Dear fellow Malaysians out there, this might be the one and only chance to meet and greet Lauren Kate so doesn’t let this opportunity fly away! If you are living away from the Klang Valley, beg borrow and steal a pair of fluffy angel wings and fly yourself here! You have every reason to do that!

For those of you who are still strangers to this wonderful thrilling series, here’s a review of a Fallen audio book which Lauren Kate has generously popped into my mailbox. I hope this review can give you some insights on the series.

Fallen is the first book of the series. It managed to scale the impossible heights of attaining a place in the top three spot of the New York Times bestselling list and held on to the title by maintaining it for two years!

Basically the book revolves around Lucinda “Luce” Price who is sent to Sword and Cross, a rehabilitation school for troubled teens, after a mysterious fire claims the life of her boyfriend and leaves her miraculously unhurt except for only singed hair. While her parents sent her to the foreboding place with all good intentions - to protect her from further harm and danger; unknown to them, they have just sent their daughter right into the heart of a very old battle between good and bad angels. What’s more, Luce finds herself irrevocably attracted to elusive enigmatic Daniel, a fallen angel. And yes, that’s where the trouble begins. “Get ready to fall …”

I'm sorry but the picture just refuses to load the right way up.
The Fallen audio book by Bolinda Audio is available on Amazon.com for USD 26.00. The length of it is 10 hours and 58 minutes. I think it makes the perfect company to keep a person on a flight from London to New York well entertained especially if you are one of those people who gets a bad migraine while reading on a plane but still want have a nice dose of fiction. You could even probably use the few hours left for loo time and to catch some forty winks before you arrive at your destination. Just sayin…

I also find this audio book extremely convenient as it’s MP3 ready so you can just slide it into your laptop and have it sync to your iPod. It’s much better than lugging a CD player and extra batteries or the wire cord. Also by being able to transfer the audio book into my iPod, I could listen to it anytime and anywhere. To me it was great not having to bring a thick book along with me. Instead I could just tuck my iPod in the pocket of my coat and I was good to go. Plus, I find it extremely handy when it comes to reading while exercising. I used to struggle with balancing a book on the screen of the treadmill and always ended up with the book soaked with yucky sweat instead at the end of my work out.

The audio book is read by Justine Eyre who has quite impressing credits in the film industry. Her voice wasn’t one of those annoyingly shrill or squeaky ones that make you jump right up in your chair each time she was trying to emphasize on something. It’s also not that boring that immediately drifts you to dreamland after 15 minutes of listening to it.

The only Achilles heel in this audio book was the fact that it did not have the comforting additive smell of a paperback book.

For those of you who feel that angels aren’t really your cup of tea, Lauren Kate has a chillingly haunting story of a Southern belle titled The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove. The latest cover of the book is absolutely stunning.

Best of all, I have an autograph copy to share with you. Though it’s not the latest edition, this cover’s is still pretty. Don’t you think?

I'll share with you how to get your hands on this autographed on in awhile's time when I figure out the requirements :p 

Eibhlin Lim :) 

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