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Interview with Lauren Kate !

Lauren Kate is the author of bestselling Fallen and Torment. I had the opportunity to interview her via Skype earlier this year at MPH bookstore in Mid Valley for stuff@school, The Star Newspaper. Today, I host her in my book blog for once another interview ! Let's have a look on what she has to say... 

1. Are you on team Cam, Daniel or Miles ? Why? 

I’m on Team Daniel for Luce and Team Cam for myself. Daniel and Luce are soul mates and there’s just no messing with that, but personally, I love the bad boys and so Cam (who’s based in part on my husband) holds a special place in my heart. Miles is a wonderful character too, but to me, he’s more of a friend. I really want Michael Cera to play him in the movie.
( Team Bad Boys ! They have this weird thing going on that draws a mostly good girl like me. Guess, a little danger is always tempting ! LOL! ) 

2. How was the character Arriane born? Was she based on anyone you know personally?

Arriane is the girl I would be if I could get away with it. She’s my favorite character to write because I get to funnel in so much stuff I’d never say aloud into her dialogue.

3. The girls on the cover of the books have really pretty dresses. Do you know where we can get them?

I know, they’re breathtaking, aren’t they? I don’t have exact information about the designer of the dresses yet, but I’ve been told Morgan LeFay makes something similar.

4. Do you have any shout out to your readers ?

Your support keeps me writing—thank you so much for your enthusiasm and kindness!

5. Do you have any advice for budding authors out there?

Live curiously. Make the whole world your muse. Keep it all in a journal until you’re bursting with the story. Write it down. Finish it. Make writing pals with whom you can share you work. Take their suggestions. Revise, revise, revise. Don’t ever give up.
( This is one of the most motivating things I've ever read. It really struck a chord in me !)

6. What is the factor or source of inspiration that keeps you going on even though you face the thing, every authors dread - the blank page monster ?

Right now, it’s the characters who are keeping me inspired. I’m so invested in their story and even I don’t know what’s going to happen in the end. I keep writing so that I can find out!

7. Can you share with us a hint on what to expect and what will take place in the book after Torment,  Passion?

Passion is a wild and crazy beast. It spans five thousand years of Luce and Daniel’s past together and will see Luce finally getting to the bottom of her mysterious history with Daniel. There’s tons of action, a change of setting with almost every new chapter, and as always, lot of gorgeous wings. For everyone who’s anxious for answers to so many open questions—this is the book for you!

8. Most of the scenes in the book Torment takes place in San Fransisco. Why did you choose to set the story in San Fransisco ?

I was living in northern California when I started writing Torment. Fort Bragg, the town where the fictional school, Shoreline, is located is the place where my husband proposed to me. It’s a very romantic place for me and perfectly suited for the book.

9. In the book Torment, we were introduced to a newer type of angels - The Outcasts. Can you explain to us a little more on their race and how you got the idea to write about them ? What are important parts or roles The Outcasts play in the storyline in Torment and the coming books ?

The Outcasts are a group of angels who fell with the other fallen angels after the War in Heaven. They’re sort of the angelic equivalent of social climbers. They try to weasel their way in with whoever seems like the most powerful at the time. So when things got challenging on earth for the fallen, the Outcasts tried to go back immediately to Heaven. Heaven rejected them, sensing their insincerity. That’s when they tried to go to Hell, but even Satan didn’t want them—and usually he tries to take everyone.  He cast them blind for their impudence, but they can still see the burning of certain angels’ and mortals’ souls. They’ll be back in a big way in the books to follow Torment.

10. How many books will there be in the Fallen Saga ? Can you give us a rough sketch of the publishing  plans ?

I’m planning on four books. Torment picks up right where Fallen left off and comes out on 9/28. Passion is up next, and traces Luce and Daniel’s history across time. That will come out in the summer of 2011. The final book, Rapture, will tie everything together in January of 2012. 

Here's a sneak peak of the cover of Passion :

Pretty, isn't it ? I can't wait to read it too :)

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